Thursday, August 21, 2014


This was an awesome trip to Athens Greece. I spent time with a  Bestselling author Angel Sefer. 
First Visit was to a fantastic spot called Sounion

The locations shown above and below are BREATHTAKING!!! The ruins hold a lot of history and mystery. The scenery around the temple is majestic. The cliffs are extraordinary. 
The temple is located strategically at the tip of the Attica peninsula. This is the last point the Greek soldiers that were going to battle could see as the left Greek soil, and the first when they were coming back. The Athenians waited for the warriors to come back and if the ship sails were white, they prepared Athens for a huge celebration. If they were black, they prepared for funerals. It is said that King Aegeus leapt to his death off of the cliff, because his son forgot to raise the white sails and his father thought that he had been killed. His name was given to the Aegean Sea. 

The view from the Temple

You have to experience the sensational sunsets like the one shown in the photo below to understand the fascination that surounds this location. I fell in love with the magic the mystery and history. 

The photo below is on the top of Sounion at the point where the Athenians stood to wait for the ships coming in from battle. How amazing is that??? I was mesmerized knowing that amazing warriors and kings stood at the same spot in 700 BC, WOW!!!!!!

I was sad to leave Greece by my heart and thoughts remained there, and I am sure that I am going back as soon as I can arrange another visit. 

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