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The Many Faces of Love Collection

The Many Faces of love Collection 

My fellow authors and I are extremely happy to present our collection of love stories for only .99 cents, for a limited time.  
The Many Faces of Love Collection includes 9 novels of heartbreak, passion, true love, and everything in between. Featuring: Arielle Immortal Passion by award-winning author Lilian Roberts, Another Tomorrow by Julie Farley, Between Heartbreak and Happiness by multiple award-winning author Sarka-Jonae Miller, Flirting With Magick by Leigh Bennett, The Heiress of Santorini by #1 best-selling author Angel Sefer, Is This What I Want? by Patricia Mann, The Passion Thief by Anne McCarthy Strauss, Rydin’ the Storm Out by PJ Fiala, and Trigger by Jill Meengs.

Praise for the Authors 



" Loved it!! I am a huge fan of Julie Farley's New Ever After Series and I was not dissappointed with her third book, Another Tomorrow. Jenny has been my one of my favorite characters throughtout the series so I was excited that this book was from her perspective. She is a strong, funny woman who is dealing with some major issues in her life with humor and class all the while continuing to hold everyone in her life together. Jenny is my kind of girlfriend and I look forward to hearing more from her! "



" This book is what I call a light right. It's not really something to dwell on or think about too much. I read it to pass the time. Let's just say the main character starts off with a lot of room a person. She's not exactly likable, but then, for me, I don't mind an unlikable heroine IF that contributes to making the story more interesting--which in this case, it did. Jan Weston, the character I am referring to here, just grow a lot as a character as well throughout the entire arc of the story, and I think that wouldn't have been as possible or as profound if she had started out likable in the first place. So for all these reasons, I really admire the author's bravery in writing such a well-rounded and realistic character. IT really made the story for me. Aside from character development and romance, there isn't much to this story. It's just a pleasure read. Well done. "



" I found Flirting with Magick to be enchanting and enjoyed every minute of being in the world of the sweet protagonist, Abby, as she navigates the complex world of first dates, old and new relationships and friendship. Abby's journey is full of surprises, twists and turns that made me impatient to read more. Leigh Bennett captures moments we have all experienced at some stage and weaves them into a narrative that will keep you guessing right to the unexpected conclusion. Flirting with Magick kept me enthralled with it's unique deliciousness, enjoy. "



"This series has me so captivated that once again I read it in one sitting. Each one can definitely be read as a stand alone-the thread that holds them together is the beautiful country of Greece and it's many islands which the author describes in breathtaking detail! I could feel myself standing and looking out at the Aegean Sea from a mansion that was under siege by one or more of it's inhabitants--or was more at play then meets the eye? This story unfolds seamlessly as lie after lie is revealed and the love that is growing between Alexanda and Mark blossoms. Angel Sefer is an amazing author.... "



"Mann's candid and heart-wrenching portrayal of marriage and family after the unthinkable will at times bring you to your knees. This story isn't for the faint of heart. However, it's written with such frankness and sensitivity, you can't help but be thankful you read it. It brings us all one step closer to realizing we never really know the choices we're capable of, until in another's shoes."



"The author Patricia Mann did an amazing job....Love this book ! Situations as old as time. You may think someone has the perfect life. Doting husband , standing in the community , money and a job that lets you travel to some beautiful places, all expenses paid. This was Betty's life. But behind closed doors ( as often is ) things were quite different. I think the story was beautifully written. You could understand the feelings of all the characters , especially the mess Betty got herself into. I really didn't know how the author was going to end this book. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending . A great book about finding and being true to yourself. Stepping back and taking inventory and having the courage to follow through."



" This is a steamy romance between 20-something characters, Molly and Ryder. They're brought together by characters central to Fiala's first book in the Rolling Thunder series. Instantly attracted to each other, both Molly and Ryder are initially reluctant to take the plunge. Molly because she's wounded by her past, and Ryder because he's shy, despite the fact that he's an all around nice guy with killer good looks. Oh yeah, and a biker, too! Written from the POV of these two youthful lovers, there's no holds barred in their explicit internal dialogue when reacting to each other. The action given by the author PJ Fiala in the bedroom is explicit, too, once they do connect. Given their personal issues, and the secrets in Molly's past, their romance is not without conflict. The story takes some surprising twists and turns as they try to figure things out. Can Molly overcome the past that still threatens her? Have she and Ryder found true love? Will they make a life together? You'll have to buy the book and find out for yourself.



I read this all in one sitting because the suspense and story pulled me right in. I appreciate that the language and content are clean while still allowing believable characters. I loved being transported to various places around Europe, with just enough description of the sights, sounds, and smells to help me envision it, while keeping the plot and the mystery in the forefront. I will be recommending this book to my friends. The author provided a great read. "



" St. Jean de Luz, the beautiful beach down in the South of France is where Sebastian takes Arielle and their friends for a short holiday before the next semester begins. I love the detail description of the beach town and the surrounding's to Sebastian's home. They are there to celebrate their engagements and to have a good time. They never expected to run into Annabel's dreadful fury. She has been waiting for the right moment to end Arielle's life. She finds that moment when Arielle and Eva are spending time exploring Sebastian's estate. Annabel strikes and nearly ends both their lives but for Eva's magic that brings Sebastian and their friends to their aid at the last moment. There is romance, excitement, thrill and danger through out the pages. Book 3 is definitely a page-turner. I fell in love with the series and can't wait for the next volume. Lilian Roberts is one of my favorite authors. Good job Lilian! "

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Summer free giveaway of four awesome books!!!!


This is an amazing summertime read. From the very first page there is something that lures the reader in and keeps their attention throughout. Arielle is a timeless character that any woman longs to be, while every man wants to be with her. Sebastian is the man that every woman imagines being with. The couple's love is a wonderful part of the storyline, but there is so much more to this book. You will find out that you will be impressed with the adventure. While reading your heart will pound fast as trouble lurks around the corner and will become full of joy and appreciation as love conquered through. When there isn't love and adventure to hold your attention there is an abundant amount of realistic characteristics to the book. Even though Arielle can read the minds of some, her friend has powers, and the love of her life is immortal, there is still something so real and relatable to the story.
The book itself is an easy read and well written. Lilian Roberts is able to take the reader to another world, while making it seem so real and right around the corner from where you are. No matter where you read this book (at home, outside, at the gym, etc.) you will feel as though you are involved in the book and right beside Arielle. Books that can take you to another place where you can escape the realities of everyday life for just a few moments are sought off by readers. That is the reason why you will love this book!



This is a wonderful book. I loved how Gray and Sam met. Gray is 55 years old and divorce with a manipulated ex Suzanne. Gray is very close with his kids. Sam is 54 and a widow with three sons. She works for an attorney. Sam is also close with her kids. Sam didn't live a good life growing up. She had a manipulated mother-in law and her parents didn't treat her with love. The story kept you going with manipulated and jealously. I loved how they give this couple a 2nd chance to find love. It was very contemporary romance but the sex was amazing. There was many characters that I was getting lost of who is who. It was was a good read and long. Highly recommended for any one of 40 and up. It makes you feel we are not old and we can still find love. Loved it.


This was a amazing read for me. I really loved this story from the first page to the last. It would be great if all books were this interesting. It is a story about a young widow with three young children. She was definitely not ready for love when fate stepped in and tripped her up. You will enjoy this book no matter who you are. 
This is a great book that will make you laugh, cry, feel the pain of a young widower and strengthen your beliefs that the best can come after the worst.  It is a simple one day read that I could not put down.  The power of family and love can not be underestimated!  Enjoyable! This is a great book. 



This was a wonderful romance book. I could tell you that it's chick lit and perhaps it is. The problem with those descriptions is that they don't account for the irresistible pull this book had over me. The characters are so real and relatable. The story is simply gorgeous in its illustration of the ups and downs of life. Above all this, though, Leigh Bennett's writing is just beautiful. is a young woman broken hearted and left after years of being in a relationship. She gives up on men, but does a love spell and finds Scott, a hot rocker to fill her bed with lots of steamy sex. It is a fun read that caught my attention and kept me intrigued (to the point of a really late night up reading) because I wanted to know who Abby would end up with. I would recommend this book if you are looking for a fun engaging read with a bit of a twist.


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