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A wonderful Review from Sandra's World of Books, for book I "Arielle Immortal Awakening"
Paranormal Romance books are not my favorite genre of Young Adult fiction. 

I think this was because I read the Twilight Saga and I wasn't really fond of the books.
I prefered the movies. But that's another thing. I got Arielle: Immortal Awakening 
for free in exchange for an honest review.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started on this book. I had some other books
 that were in my to be read list, so I didn't really know when to start. I had 
promised to put up the review at least in September, so that was my goal. 
In the beginning it was hard to get into the book, but after the first 50 pages, 
the words started the flow and I actually got excited to read further in the book. 
That's why I really want to read the next book, especially after that ending, 
you really want to read the next part, because you just need to know what is 
going to happen next.

In Arielle: Immortal Awakening, we follow college student Arielle and her friends, 
Gabrielle and Eva. Arielle is able to read their friends mind and some other 
selected people. She can't control whose mind to read, it just sort of happens. 
Eva has gotten ino the paranormal world, with spells and other paranormal 
happenings. Arielle is afraid of telling her friends about her 'powers', but Eva 
does take their friends into trust and tells them about her 'powers'. One summer, 
Arielle who spends her time in France, meets Sebastian, a really nice and 
handsome guy who is in love with her, but she is yet to be in great danger.

Lilian Roberts has a way of writing words as if they were poetry. It just flows. 
Some of the words I hadn't even heard of before. That made it a little hard 
for me sometimes, but besides that it was wonderful to read and I would 
highly recommend this to anyone who is a paranormal fan.

Arielle falls head over heels in love with Sebastian, who has lived on this 
earth for centuries (I had to think about Twilight here, I'm sorry). Sebastian 
sort of creeped me out by him constantly saying “I love you” and “Miss me” 
when they were ending the conversation or just sometimes out of the blue. 
I mean, I had the feeling they had been dating for a week and they were 
already saying “I love you”, which to me sounded a little unrealistic. 
Besides that, the “miss me” thing creeped me out. What was he trying 
to do? Persuade her into loving him?

The book is rich in character description, you can't help but to love the 
characters in this book. I really felt attached to Gabrielle and Eva and also 
to Arielle, of course.

On top of all that, the cover is just beautiful! I really love the bright colors 
and the castle in the background, it actually makes you think it's a historical 
fiction, but it's not. Kudos for the beautiful cover designs. I think I would make 
something like this if I were to publish a book.

I need to read the next part of the book, and then probably the next part, 
and the next part. I loved the book a lot and I highly recommend it if you a
re into paranormal young adult fiction and if not, you should just read it as 
well, because it's not quite a well known book, it should just get a little more known.


Ruth Mancini is so close to hitting a best seller list. Please share that her bestselling book (which I found out it is) is on sale and tell your friends to buy it. If they're really your friends, they'll do it. lol

I've done it again! My PR client, Lilian Roberts, got a book deal! Lilian is joining the ranks of my success stories. SJ Publicity has 3 published authors now and two bestselling authors. Congrats Lilian! Contact me if you want to be next :)

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SJ Publicity Clients


Angel Sefer is an emerging voice in mysteries. Her captivating debut novel, Spellbound in His Arms, masterfully blends romance and mystery set in the Greek Isles. It recently hit #14 on the Romance Mystery best seller list on Amazon. It made it into the 20s on two other lists as well.

Angel Sefer
Angel Sefer is from Athens, Greece. Her spellbinding prose transports readers to the exotic Greek Isles. To learn more about Angel, please visit her website.

Read about Angel in the Greek Herald
Follow Angel on Twitter
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Caroline Fardig is a #1 best-selling author on Barnes and Noble and a #2 best-selling author on Amazon. She writes hilarious mysteries starting with her debut novel, It's Just A Little Crush. Her story follows the adventures of Lizzie Hart, a copy editor at a small town newspaper whose got a big crush on the star reporter. When murder comes to the sleepy town of Liberty, Lizzie and her crush are on the case.

Buy It's Just a Little Crush

Caroline is a small town girl from Indiana with a lot of talent. She is churning out book 2 of the Lizzie Hart series. In addition to writing, she takes care of two kids, two hyper dogs, one vicious kitty, and a husband. Read about Caroline in theIndianapolis Post and the Boonville Standard newspaper. Learn more about Caroline on her website or her blogConnect with Caroline on Twitter and Facebook.


Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is the author of the Angela Panther novels beginning with Unfinished Business (named a Northside Woman best summer beach read). Her writing is funny, engaging, and written in a breezy tone that readers love. Angela Panther is your typical 40-year-old who finds out that she and her son see dead people. What, you don't know someone like that? Well, you do now. Read all about the adventures of Mrs. Panther in Unfinished Business and Unbreakable Bonds(upcoming). See a feature about Carolyn on

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Carolyn is a freelance writer in Georgia. She has a regular health and fitness column in Northside Woman Magazine. Connect with Carolyn on Facebook, her author website, or on Twitter.


Ruth Mancini writes gripping women's fiction. Her debut novel, Swimming Upstream, is the story of a survivor, Lizzie, whose childhood trauma affects her long into adulthood. She begins to get everything she wants in life when she finds herself in the path of an oncoming car and everything changes. 

“Within just a few pages I was heavily invested in the lead character, Lizzie, and couldn't wait to find out what would happen to her...My page turns were getting faster and faster as I neared the end of the book! All in all, a great read which I will be recommending to friends and family.” - Ribs Susiaho - Writer, Editor and Community Manager
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Ruth Mancini is a lawyer, author, and freelance writer. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and two children. Ruth is working on a second novel. Learn more about Ruth on herwebsite or listen to her on BBC radio. Connect with Ruth on Twitter and Facebook.


I published my debut novel, Between Boyfriends, in September 2011. Like many self-published authors, I sold very few copies after an initial boost from friends and family. 

All that changed after I met with ATG Publicity. Between Boyfriends ended up in Hollywood & Vine Magazine, and from there got into other publications.

With what I learned, I got my book onto two Amazon best sellers lists multiple times, recently peaking at #3 on the Comic Fiction and Humorous Fiction lists. The Rancho Santa Fe Review newspaper interviewed me, twiceEast County Magazine called my novel the "ultimate chick-lit read." I was invited onto a radio program to talk about my novel. 

Eventually, I caught the attention of a publisher and was signed by Booktrope Publishing. The right marketing makes all the difference.





I am a novelist and a journalist. I have a B.S. in journalism from the renowned SI Newhouse School of Public Relations at Syracuse University, but I started out as a marketing major. I did an internship with Hi Frequency Marketing and wrote for the Post-Standard newspaper. I have a background in social media, blogging, editing, and media relations.
I began doing freelance writing and editing for 10 years. During my career, I eventually ending up in PR with ATG Publicity.

Around eight years ago, I finished a novel, Between Boyfriends.  I sent it out to literary agents, got some great feedback, and did some major edits. I then sent it out again in 2007-2008. A few requests for the manuscript but no offers. Fed up, I self-published in 2011. And thus began the journey of trying to both sell a self-published book and convince a publisher/agent to take on a reprint.

I made a bunch of mistakes, wasted time, and lost money advertising with places people said worked but don't. I finally figured out where to focus my efforts.

My novel spent 8 days on 2 Amazon best seller lists. I got myself in print publications. A major news site called my book "the ultimate chick-lit read."And finally, I landed a publisher! I can help you do these things too.


 Lilian Roberts is the author of the popular Immortal Rapture series. Lilian released her debut novel, Arielle Immortal Awakening, in November 2012. She has since published three more books. To date, Lilian has appeared on Amazon best seller lists three times! See Lilian in the Atlanta Reader. Follow Lilian on Twitter and like her on Facebook to hear the latest news.

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