Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Win 4 eBook Bundles for Christmas! That's 12 Books!!!

You deserve something special this holiday season, so I created a fabulous giveway along with 3 talented authors at my publishing house.

One winner will receive a copy of my paranormal romance eBook bundle hit the Immortal Rapture Collection.  

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That's 12 ebooks in total!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Today I am delighted to have on my Blog a very gifted and talented author 

Katherine Lowry Logan

Katherine grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and attended college in New Jersey, where she earned a BA in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. After attending the Philadelphia Institute for Paralegal Training, she returned to Central Kentucky and worked as a real estate and tax paralegal. Katherine is an avid reader, a marathoner, and lives in Lexington, Kentucky. 

The ruby Brooch 

Is the first novel in the Celtic Brooch Trilogy 

A Sweeping Saga

As the sole survivor of the car crash that killed her parents, grief-stricken paramedic Kit MacKlenna is stunned to learn her life is built on lies. A legacy from her father includes a faded letter and a well-worn journal. The journal reveals she was abandoned as a baby 160 years ago. The only clues to her identity are a blood-splattered shawl, a locket with the portrait of a 19th century man, and a Celtic brooch with magical powers. Kit decides to continue her father’s twenty-five year search for her identity, and solve her birth parents’ murders.
Scotsman Cullen Montgomery, a San Francisco-bound lawyer who resembles the ghost who has haunted Kit since childhood, helps her join a wagon train heading West. More dangerous than the river crossings, bad water, and disease encountered on the trail, is Cullen’s determination to expose her lies and uncover the source of her unusual knowledge and life saving powers.
Kit is convinced if she can survive the perilous journey and Cullen’s accusations, as well as thwart his attempts to seduce her, she might solve the mystery of her heritage and return home without leaving her heart on the other side of time.

The last MacKlenna

Is a stand-alone romance that takes place between THE RUBY BROOCH ( Book 1,) and THE SAPPHIRE BROOCH (Book 2). This book is not a time travel romance. It is a contemporary romance involving Elliott Fraser, who is introduced in THE RUBY BROOCH. Elliott and Meredith both appear in THE SAPPHIRE BROOCH.

The Last MacKlenna is first in romance!

Meredith Montgomery, owner of a Napa, California winery, is facing not only another Christmas alone, but devastating news. Seeking a distraction, she flies to Edinburgh to do some genealogy research for a brochure advertising her winery’s 150th anniversary gala. While in Edinburgh, she meets Elliott Fraser, a Highlander, who is president of MacKlenna Farm, a world-renowned Thoroughbred operation in Lexington, Kentucky.
A dinner invitation turns into a Christmas Day outing at Elliott’s four-hundred-year-old family castle. Following the most perfect day in Meredith’s life, Elliott rushes back to Kentucky to deal with a crisis on his farm.
Not wanting to return to California and the news awaiting her, Meredith stops in Kentucky for a visit. Disaster strikes both Elliott and his farm, pulling Meredith into a web of mystery and murder at a time when she’s facing a crisis of her own.
Can these two wealthy and powerful people find their way through the chaos and take a chance on their volatile love, or will the obstacles they face be too much to overcome?

The Sapphire Brooch

The long awaited sequel to the Kindle Time Travel Romance Bestseller THE RUBY BROOCH! is now here.

The saga of the brooches continues in this Civil War Time Travel Romance...

A Union soldier risks everything to save the life of Abraham Lincoln, while a Confederate surgeon races through time to preserve Lincoln’s Legacy.

Reenactor Dr. Charlotte Mallory has spent years perfecting the portrayal of her ancestor, Civil War Confederate surgeon Major Carlton Mallory. In the middle of the 150th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek, she is hurled back in time and lands in the middle of the battle itself, and from there is catapulted into dangers that threaten her life and shatter her heart.

Charlotte is captured by Union soldiers during the battle and hauled before General Sheridan. The General only sees a Confederate surgeon who can solve a challenging problem for him, so he threatens Charlotte with the destruction of her two-hundred-year-old ancestral home unless “he” agrees to rescue a Union spy from a Confederate hospital. To save her home and possibly her own life, she reluctantly agrees. After a harrowing journey to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, she finds her target, a handsome, green-eyed spy with a Minie ball in his gut and is now at death’s door. Without a thought for long-term consequences, she returns with him to the future, where she has the technology to save his life.

While recovering from his gunshot wound in Charlotte's ancestral home, the spy, Major Michael Abraham “Braham” McCabe learns the man he works for, President Lincoln, was assassinated. Now Braham is determined to return to his century to prevent the assassination. When Charlotte refuses to help him, because it will change the future, he finds another way to get back to his own time.

Now Charlotte must find the courage to follow her heart into the past, and fix the mess she created before it unravels and changes the course of history.

What began as the rescue of a dying man explodes into an eight-month, terrifying, and spellbinding escapade that carries Charlotte across the boundaries of time, honor, and duty to protect history and those she loves, putting everything she cherishes at risk, her heart, her home, and her life.

To find Katherine Lowry Logan's amazing work please visit the following links:

Website: www.KatherineLLogan 
Blog: www.KatherineLowryLogan 
Facebook: Katherine Lowry Logan, author
Twitter: @KathyLLogan

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today I welcome to my blog a great author and friend 

Ruth Mancini. 

Ruth Mancini was born in South-West London and educated in London and Cambridge where she gained a Bachelors degree in languages and a post-graduate diploma in law. For several years she worked in the publishing industry before becoming a practising lawyer, author and freelance writer. 

She now lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and two children. She blogs at and can be found on Twitter @RuthMancini1 and Facebook at

Swimming Upstream 

A literary women's fiction novel nominated for 3 awards in 2014! 
A life-affirming and often humorous story about getting over a relationship breakup. Here the reader meets Lizzie who struggles to confront the ghosts of her past, can she survive the shocking twist that will change the course of her future? 
It is also a story about female friendship, love and divided loyalties - and the moral choices we find ourselves making when the chips are down.

The highly anticipated new novel from Ruth Mancini is here! Swimming Home continues the story of Lizzie from Swimming Upstream.

Swimming Home

About Swimming Home

Lizzie’s life hasn’t exactly gone to plan. Eighteen years ago, she made the difficult decision to leave London for Paris to escape her best friend’s fiancĂ©, the man who’d attacked her and turned her world upside down. Secure in the belief that she and her daughter, Helena, are now safe from harm, Lizzie contemplates her future. But is the nightmare really over?

When the captivating Sky Donoghue comes along, pulling Helena into dangerous waters, Lizzie’s strength and judgement are put to the test. Just how far should she go to save her daughter? How far will she go to save herself?

FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Be sure to get Swimming Upstream too!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Julie Farley's latest novel is out!!!

"The New Ever After" 

 This book is all about finding love and happiness after you think your happily ever after is gone forever. But real life is no fairytale and Julie does a beautiful job of reminding us that the best things in life require hard work.

The New Ever After

Heather Meadows has been given a second chance at happiness. When her first husband passed away, she never thought she’d love again but a fortuitous meeting with a charming author changed the course of her life — in more ways than one. Thanks to the love and support of her sexy new partner, the mother of three became a mother of five and embarked on a promising career as a writer. But despite her newfound joy, her fast-paced life begins to take its toll.

The New Ever After is a tale of friendship, sacrifice, do overs, and making it work.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Booktrope has re-released Leigh Bennett’s magical contemporary romance Flirting With Magick, a funny, sweet story of finding love, losing it and finding it again.

Flirting With Magick Blurb

There’s nothing like a love spell to get Abby Williams out of her rut and over her ex, but when a gorgeous rocker, a cute colleague, and an apologetic ex–boyfriend come knocking Abby wonders if maybe the spell worked a little too well. If she even believes in that stuff.
As emotions run high, secrets are exposed, and feelings change, Abby wonders if flirting with magick is more trouble than it’s worth. But the real question is, do any of these men deserve her heart?
Flirting With Magick is a contemporary romance that proves you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

Friday, August 22, 2014



Another interesting spot was the Acropolis museum. The museum is located by the southeastern slope of the Acropolis hill. It is set only 280 meters from the Parthenon. It is a huge gorgeous building with three levels of collections and amazing exhibits, with a fourth level used as the museum shop, cafe and the offices.

On the first floor the exhibits are from the findings of the slopes of the Akropolis, as well as the artifacts and sculputures from the Akropolis buildings like Erechtheum, the Temple of Athena, and Parthenon. 

Below is the second level and some of the beautiful exhibits

The third floor is amazing. The exhibits are fabulous and the views unbelievable. This is what you see from the windows that face the city of Athens. 

And this is what you see when you look out of the floor to celling windows facing the Akropolis

Angel Sefer and I chose this side of the building and took some photos with our books :) facing the beautiful Monument of Akropolis

Later on we walked through the beautiful pebbled streets of Plaka and visited some of the shops.
What a great shock to find our books in one of the local bookstores !!!!!!! We asked permission from the owner if we could take some photos in front of our books and he agreed. We were soooooo happy about that. WOW!! WHAT!!! but here they were. My fourth book is missing lol!!! what happened? the proprietor said it was out of stock at the moment lol!!!

That was pretty pretty cool !!!! 

I am just so excited to see my books on the shelf of a bookstore 5,483 miles away from US !!!

So was Angel Sefer !!!! amazing!!!

On the way back, we took the Metro to get to where we parked the car. This Metro station did not look like any other I had ever seen. From the photo below you would think what's the big deal? 

The big deal is that the station looked just like a museum. The walls were covered in glass protecting artifacts found while digging to build the Metro. The marble floors are beautiful!!!!

This was utterly unbelievable!!!!!
What a vacation!! and what a fascinating place.