Thursday, January 9, 2014


Paranormal Romance Book Series 

Book 1 in the Immortal Rapture series
When it comes to paranormal romance stories
, it's tough to beat Lilian Roberts' Immortal
 Rapture series, and for a very short time you
 can cash in those Christmas gift cards and
 get the whole series of paranormal romance
 new releases for $0.99 per book. The
 paranormal romance urban fantasy series
 is set in Brighton, England and the South of France.

Book 1, Arielle Immortal Awakening, features
 a paranormal romance virgin heroine, Arielle
 Lloyd, who is an empath and a telepath, but

 of some people. Theshe can only sense
 the thoughts and feelings
 love story begins with Arielle's teen years, making it an appealing read for
 paranormal romance YA fans. Arielle and her two best friends are searching
 for love, though they get a little distracted by spells, warlocks, and ghosts.
 Arielle soon meets the hot paranormal romance alpha male, Sebastion,
 and things heat up.

By book 2, Arielle Immortal Seduction, their relationship gets steamy,
 evolving into a paranormal romance series for adults with a touch of
 the erotic. I recommend it for mature audiences only. Not to ruin anything,
 but books 3 and 4 (Arielle Immortal Passion and Arielle Immortal Quickening)
 add more danger, more magic, more thrills, and more paranormal romance characters.

The series is perfect for paranormal romance junkies, so if you're putting
 together a paranormal romance reading list, you must include these four
 paranormal romance novels.

Buy book 1 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble
Buy book 2 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble
Buy book 3 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble 
Buy book 4 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble 

If you have an iPad or Sony e-Reader, even an older Sony, you can get the
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Book 2

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