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Interview with the M.J. Schiller, the author of the "ROCKING ROMANCE COLLECTION"

Today I am delighted to welcome M. J. Schiller on my Blog for a very enchanting interview. M. J. Schiller is the author of the popular "Rocking Romance Collection" 

MJ is a lunch lady in the heart of Central Illinois. My gosh, can you get more folksy than that? She met her husband at the University of Missouri-Columbia and now she has an eighteen-year-old (how did that happen?) and sixteen year old triplets! She loves to read, karaoke (where she can pretend she is a rock star) and spends WAY too much time on Facebook. She grew up in St. Louis and still has family there.

Welcome M. J. ! I am so happy to have you on my blog today.

Hi Lilian, I am very happy to be here. 

Please tell us a little about your current release "Between Rock and a Hard Place"

Glad to! ;) BETWEEN ROCK AND A HARD PLACE begins when Detective Heath “Hawk” McGowan is called to the penthouse of rock star Jasmine Barrett. Jasmine, or Jazz, as her fans call her, has discovered her best friend’s body slain in her own bed. As the killer continues to bring her dead bodies like a cat bringing its owner mice, Jazz’s terror sends her into the arms of Heath. But there are so many reasons why they shouldn’t be together. Heath actually lists them at one point—shortly before he gives in and kisses her.

Can you give us an Excerpt of your new book? 

Heath walked down the hall with a long, drawn-out sigh. He entered the bedroom, closing the door and leaning on it for a second. He threw his things on the bed and sat down on the end and ran a hand over his face. Then with a huge, exasperated exhale he threw himself backward so he was lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling. He crossed his hands behind his head to form a pillow.
There were so many reasons why he should not become involved with Jasmine Barrett. A. I am the lead detective investigating the murder of her best friend. Very unprofessional, unprincipled, not to mention, unethical. B. She’s very vulnerable right now. She said so herself, her feelings are all over the place. I can’t take advantage of that. C. We lead very different lives. She’s a rock star. I’m a cop. It would never work out. D. There’s Jack to consider. He couldn’t bring someone new into his life without a lot of forethought. E. I’m in the middle of an investigation. He couldn’t let those bottomless sea-green eyes, which seemed to cry out every time he gazed into them, distract him. Or her body, molded by the gods…or her legs, which were…geez…a living sin…or any other part of her…her siren’s voice…curvy hips…her… All these things were bad and wrong and he was a professional. All, very bad. Very, very bad. He squeezed his eyes shut. This was never going to work.

Has someone helped or mentored you in your writing career?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have gobs of people help me, and many mentors along the way! Where to start? A friend who found out I was writing told me about an essay contest on author Laurie Larsen’s website. I entered and was fortunate enough to be one of the winners. Laurie then told me about Romance Writers of America and invited me to a meeting. With the help of the very talented authors there I became published with Crimson Romance. Through Crimson I met a slew of authors who give me advice and encouragement, and not just about writing. They also help me by promoting my books and even purchasing them. Then a friend invited me to join a group called Tweets For Romance Authors. That’s where I met you, Lilian and you graciously helped me by letting me be here today on your blog.

Who is your favorite author?

Wow, that’s a big question! There are so many great ones! If you’re talking classics, I love Charles Dickens and F.Scott Fitzgerald. More recently, Nora Roberts (of course), Kristin Hannah, and the romantic suspense author, R.T. Wolfe. She’s awesome!

Where do you research for your books?

All I can say is thank heavens we don’t need the card catalog anymore! I do most of my research online, but I also feel like living life is research itself. I store information as I go along. If we go on vacation, I may use that location later, so I pick up brochures and take notes.

How do you describe your writing style?

Gosh, that’s a hard one! I think there are certain things you will always see in my work—humor, drama, action. I like including family relationships and kids, too. I try to add the odd detail that makes things seem more real, like the hero of my latest romance, BETWEEN ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, is susceptible to cold headaches (or you may call them brain freezes). This is based on my husband. He rarely can eat something cold without going into some exaggerated fit, claiming steel rods are being jammed into his cranium!

What do you think makes a good story?

The happily ever after, and the going through heck to get there. I love characters that are broken but are healed through one another.

Do you use a pen name? If so, how did you come up with it?

Yes, I have a real fancy one. My name is Mary Jean Schiller but I go by M.J. Schiller. I’ve just always thought M.J. sounded cooler!

What are you passionate about these days?

Well I’m always very passionate about my writing, trying to learn more about it and become stronger at it. Besides that I’m an advocate for our men and women in military uniform, teachers, children, and animals. I’m also passionate about music, thus my ROCKING ROMANCE COLLECTION.

don’t watch much TV, but when I do I like to watch with my kids and we love Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Dr. Who, and Vampire Diaries.

Are the names of the characters in your novels important?  How and why?

I think names evoke a feeling. I just have to hope that the feeling my reader has is mutual. I work as a lunch lady and a while back my coworkers and I brainstormed about sexy guy names, and then drew up a list of girl names as well. I still use that list!

Thank you so much for having me today, Lilian, and allowing me to tell your readers a little bit about me and BETWEEN ROCK AND A HARD PLACE.


How can people find you ?

You can find M.J.at:

BN and Amazon.

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