Friday, October 25, 2013

The Last MacKlenna
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When Meredith Montgomery, marathoner and president of Montgomery Winery, discovers she might be facing breast cancer, she takes refuge in a working holiday in Scotland to plan her winery’s 160th anniversary gala. At the party she’ll introduce a new chardonnay, her legacy wine “Cailean.” This is a risky venture and a gamble she can’t afford to lose. While in Edinburgh, she meets Elliott Fraser, an irresistible and irascible Highlander.
Elliott is CEO of MacKlenna Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. He manages the farm with a firm grip, but he can’t control the demons from his past wreaking havoc with his health. When his multi-million-dollar Thoroughbred is murdered, he believes an old nemesis is out to destroy him and the farm. It’s the worst possible time to meet a woman who loves Scotland, horses, and a wee half when she’s thirsty—a woman he thought didn’t exist.
A crisis tears them apart within days of meeting, but their passion refuses to be quieted, setting off an explosive chain of events that threaten their hopes for the future. There are few things more devastating than a broken heart, but one careless moment is about to confront them with a life or death decision that could destroy the MacKlenna family legacy forever.
A sequel to “The Ruby Brooch,” this sensuous romantic love story comes complete with a strong cast of memorable, colorful, and entertaining characters woven into a mature romance that fearlessly explores cancer and psychological damage in an understated and realistic way.

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